A vehicle’s dashboard is the focal point of the entire interior, car manufacturers therefore go to great lengths to ensure it looks stylish and innovative. That is all well and good until you want to upgrade the factory radio to a new aftermarket stereo. Alongside the necessary wiring adaptors Celsus provide fascia plates, plastic surrounds that sit around an aftermarket stereo and neatly match the original vehicle dash.

This fascia is specifically designed to fit Ford Transit Custom models. To confirm that this is the fascia you require please use the vehicle product finder or our registration lookup.

Aftermarket stereos come in three sizes: single DIN, double DIN and double ISO. All three are the same width, approximately 180mm, but the height differs. Single DIN radios are approximately 50mm high while double DIN and double ISO are twice that at around 100mm. Double DIN and double ISO stereos are the same, but the cages supplied with them have different heights of 103mm and 113mm respectively.

This fascia is a double DIN fascia meaning that you can fit double DIN stereo without any other accessories. This will also accept a double ISO stereo with an additional ACG5040 cage, or a single DIN stereo with an additional single DIN pocket.


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