Dodo Acoustic Liner



Dodo Mat Acoustic Liner is a high quality acoustic memory foam designed for automotive interiors. The 15mm acoustic foam is an open cell material offering durability and excellent sound absorbing qualities with a self adhesive layer for simple “peel & stick” application.

This product is designed to absorb and reduce unwanted medium to high frequency noise and improve the acoustics in your vehicle. It is also superb at improving the door environment for a speaker upgrade.

The super soft and flexible memory foam construction allows the sheet to sandwich between trim panels. This helps reduce rattles and squeaks while also making it easier to accommodate in tight areas behind door cards and roof linings. The foam will restore it’s shape even after heavy compression.

  • Absorb medium to high frequency noise
  • Improve door acoustics for speaker upgrades
  • Self Adhesive for easy installation
  • Soft memory foam, super flexible design
  • Open Cell Foam with good damping characteristics
  • Operating temperature range -40 to 90°C
  • Fire retardant
  • Can be used in wide range of sound proofing applications
  • Ideal for vehicle roof & door cards and also machine enclosures
  • Polyurethane acoustic foam with black convoluted finish
  • Total Thickness = 15mm
  • 0.5 sq.m (1 sheet – 100cm x 50cm)
  • Sold as single sheet
  • Designed in the UK & Manufactured in Europe


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