The high-performance BMW and Mini MTX TX6BMW kit (150W RMS 3-way separate kit) transforms your audio system. The life-less and poor quality OEM speakers are replaced with premium aftermarket speakers and the difference astounding. Adding an amplifer ensures these speakers play to their full potential but is not necessary to get a fanstic upgrade in sound in your vehicle.

Replacing the speakers is quick and hassle-free because all the dimensions of the speakers are identical to the original ones. Do it yourself installation is possible by anyone with previous experience and confidence around upgrading parts in cars. MTX use the best components: all magnets are neodymium, the membranes are fiberglass / carbon or silk (Tweeter). The TX6.BMW kit corrects the only defect of BMWs: the sound. Wow your friends and family with this affordable audio upgrade and enjoy life on the road.

Compatiable BMW cars:
e60 e61 e70 e71 e81 e82 e83 e84 e87 e88 e90 e91 e92 e93 f10 f11 f12 f13 f20 f21 f25 f30 f31 f35


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